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Applying Hanger Helmet Decals

The Decals are made of pre-cut vinyl images backed with clear transfer paper. The process is very similar to applying a normal sticker with just a couple of added steps. 


The decal sheet will be one solid piece when it arrives, but can be separated into smaller sections around each decal with normal scissors. Be sure not to cut too close and accidentally cut the vinyl. Next,, select where you would like each item, or at the very least, the starting item, to be placed. We recommend a pencil to mark a center spot or even measured distances so you know where the bigger pieces will go. Do not remove the clear protective sheet on the the front of each decal.  


First, clean the surface with alcohol before applying the decal and let it air dry. Do not use water because water will interfere with the adhesive. Remove the decal around the pre-cut edges and apply with firm steady pressure. You can use your fingers, or flat firm plastic object like a credit card. Just be careful not to scrap the edges of the decal with a sharp plastic edge. 

Next, make sure it is smooth. Before the decal is completely stuck on, it can be lifted to remove air bubbles, or you can smooth them out with your fingers or plastic tool. 

Once the decal is on and smooth, it is safe to remove the protect sheet. Do not pull straight up on the protective sheet because this could bring up the decal. Instead, pull at an angle with slow steady pressure making sure not to bring the decal up.

Additionally, the use of Mod Podg can help protect the decals to last longer and prevent wearing of the edges of decals. 


These decals are also easy to remove. If they are coated in Mod Podg then pick at an edge with your finger nail, then pull up. The additional coating will make it much easier. Otherwise, pick and the edge of the decal itself, and peel it up like a sticker. Any remaining adhesive can be removed with a little bit of alcohol.